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3 steps to RUN (not 'jog') Up a HILL when You're Just About TANKED

1. - Keeping telling yourself: 1) You won't die. Anything that doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

2) PAIN IS weakness leaving the body.

3) You'll feel full at the end. The same 'full' as in when you stuff yourself SENSELESS with 24 FREAKIN' POPSICLES, except you won't feel bloated and like you did nothing.

2. - Pretend some dude just STOLE your mom's PURSE and KNOCKED her over. Yes, you go get 'em you beast you !


- Pretend you're getting CHASED by a pack of wolves. Or tigers. Whichever'll motivate you to run out faster than my gas in the summer time.


- Keep looking straight ahead as if you're in a psychology class and "sum" weirdo person keeps staring at you.

3. - Get a good, FUN (NOT a depressingly slow or depressing AND slow) song in yer head ala "Happy Heart in the Sunshine"


"Inspirational-sounding" crap ala "Just Breathe"



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