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How Jogging Makes Me Sick in the Body but Happy Elsewhere (Entertaining Title to Winter Break !)

- "Jogging" and I'm still in BAD shape, at least physically, you know like a DUCK. . .or EAGLE.
. .
- Speaking of physical elements, pretty much everyone I know has seen the Porter Run Pictures (Naked people running in the rain at this school). I almost always heard, "why are you carrying porno in your bag ?" Nobody does streaking like Santa Cruz.

- Spent about 200 bucks this X-Mas. . .more than I will spend the entire year sans books here at MARYJANE'S palace.

- Didn't have to SNIFF much of it this break.

- But I did whiff a lot of LOVESPELL.

- And that's what I gave to pretty much every girl at SUE the POOH'S.

- But the super special EXTRAVAGANT one went to one.

- Started off my string of good December 2002 movies with her when we went "Bowling for Columbine"

- "Catch Me If You Can" and "Gangs of New York" are also good ones to chew on because they get in yer face.

- Loike In N Out and Thai BBQ

- Which is the TASTE of LIFE. . .: P

- As is HUN-NIE. . .in my TEA. . .

- Which I didn't start drinking till yesterday because of my HUMONGOUS COUGH

- Which grew like KEITH'S hair from September to Thanksgiving because I went JOGGING. . .sort of. . .I was on the bike.



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