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What's the worst that could happen (Academically Speaking) ?

If ya learn to do deal with that, I think it'll all be good.

Back in the Cub days, there were about 50 people who were smart and it showed, there were about another 30 who were retarded and it showed in their grades, there were another 50 who were. . .a bit short of a megabyte. . .but got good grades, and finally the other 150 or so were just smart slackers. I remembered these guys getting torn up by our teachers in class for NOT having their homework. But they ended up Pulling A's in the class. . .Fuck ! The heart of Loyola High School in Los Angeles: pulling shit out of your ass, slinging, and sticking it to the wall.

I never learned to completely slack, and then pick it up like them (:wink: at the Irvinites ). I half-assed everything ! Even slacking ! I wish I knew how to completely slack and pick it up like the busted glass at the Ghetty.

Cause the only way to really know something to the point of feeling it besides studying really really really hard, is to get your ass kicked. . .by the something.

Those smart slackers got their asses kicked. . .even more than a soccer ball in Africa. . .or mine by Hane's parents if I would have dropped her home at 5 in the morning, but the teachers seemed to give into these superficial charms that these Loyola kids worked. Cocky motherfuckers.

These slackers learned to take their ass-kicking, and eventually found their way around it. They absolutely mastered their craft of "charming" the teacher, and some got A's as a result. Along with this charming, they knew when to study and all. When to get serious. . .as a result of pissing off the teachers to the point where it became laughable.


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