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Ethnic Clubs

You know. . .the Multicultural Students Association, those Filipino clubs.

They're not so bad as I once thought.

I just read an article from the Redwood Review here at SC talking about how ethnic clubs (referring to Asian, Black, and Hispanic leaving out Jewish, Irish, etc groups) cause self-segregation. As much as I'd grit my teeth and wish to see otherwise, I do see a lot of those people in the clubs here just hanging out with their own: self-segregation. I guess the Jewish, Irish, etc. groups are accepted by the writer because they associate, thus INTEGRATE more easily with other whites WITH NO QUESTIONS asked by observers. He'll easily look over a TYPICAL whiteboy group, but squirm over a group of colored folks. This writer fails to acknowledge whites being guilty of self-segregation as well. He's got the right idea of INTEGRATING social groups, but he goes about it without looking at the logic behind staying in an ethnic group.

When I do see Asians, blacks, hanging out or INTEGRATING with whites as the writer of the article wants, it seems sort of FORCED or that the white folks usually aren't the mono-colored left-in-high-school abercrombie jackholes who'll only hang out with a person of color if he's done something TyTe, as in anchor blue jeans TyTe. In these groups it seems as if people are BEING FORCED to be nice to each other. That makes for UNCOMFORTABLE situations. So then by that basic premise of UNCOMFORTABLE situations, I could see the logic with ALL types of people just hanging out with their own: self-segregating. I mean people of different ethnicities and races are cordial to one another, but then they wouldn't have great, true-to-the-heart convos with them.

Just because I could see the logic behind race and ethnic groups doesn't mean that it's right. INTEGRATING IS RIGHT. It's the only way you can make the super tightest CONNECTIONS (right Sleek ?). Seems like you have to be super open-minded at first to be great friends with people of different races and ethnicities; the open-mindedness which usually means you feel you've been part of the bottom or forgotten at one point in your life and you haven't forgotten.

The most FLAGRANT ethnic and race group without stating so, fraternities (The one that Erwin might start is exempt because it actually seems nice) AKA racist druggies don't look like they have cool convos either, just that they want to look 'popular' or something so they can fuck some low-self esteemed, pimply-faced 15-year old blonde.

"These voices, these voices, I hear them, and when I talk they'll follow, they'll follow."

I always feel like the girls sitting in those circles are just rape bait waiting to happen. Most of these frats are just an aura of FAKENESS or so it seems by the way they present themselves.

I guess it takes open-mindedness from the observers AND the people who want to show off their CONNECTIONS to a white dude to just accept the integrating. Obviously it's hard for me to grapple with the integrating going on right now because a lot seems fake as hell. Those circles aren't the open-mindedness and colorlessness where you can diss about any part of your home-dogg without referring to seriously derogatory stereotypes including that shit beard of his or that nasty Cecilia whore he likes. But at the same time of being OPEN-MINDED, it seems like you gotta be an ASSHOLE to root out the fakeness. . .



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