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I don't follow this shit very much, but I think I'm being as IDEALISTIC when I say I don't want war and that it ISN'T inevitable as the GI Joe-black-and-white-1840s pro-war crowd.

We're going to war for oil again.

All our on-the-surface reasons are shit, because Georgey said he was going to bomb whether Saddam left or not AFTER SPECIFICALLY giving Saddam an ultimate that if he wasn't going to leave, then he'd bomb. We didn't even have proof that he had weapons of mass destruction pointed at us (forget for a moment that we have our own weapons aimed everywhere in the world and troops stationed in just about every country).

Here are FACTS (things pro-war people don't take into consideration) :

We're just creating more enemies by killing more Iraqis, more husbands, more wives, more brothers, more sisters, more children LOST. These are PEOPLE who are just chillin' like me right now, but there's a fair chance that they won't be. With these inevitable kills, Saddam would have even more reason to disrupt the US if he hasn't had already. He's selfish in his own right, so bombing PEOPLE would do nothing for him and for us, except disrupt our image across the lands even more. Saddam doesn't discriminate who he kills, just as long as it isn't him. When you're hunting a criminal, you don't bomb whereever you think he's going to be in buildings full INNOCENT people, you go STRAIGHT after that criminal. We already bombed AFGHANISTAN to the stone age. . .casualties probably 8x more than the 300 in 9/11. We've already killed over 250,000 in Iraq since the Gulf War, and we're out for more ? WE'RE LOOKING LIKE THE BULLIES.

And people over there will be MORE THAN LIKELY even more pissed off and could possibly draw up their own terrorist activity here. Big or small, there will be some people who will suffer the consequences. For all we know, we could've just pushed the Al-Qaeda (the terrorist group responsible for 9/11 apparently) into bed with Saddam's crew for disruption of the United States (the Al-Qaeda and Saddam are very polarized groups), and THAT could eventually boil into something especially with the technology available nowadays. That can eventually "throw a screw" into our economy. North Korea can also blind side us.

The PRACTICAL thrust of this war mess, which is the MAIN THRUST is control of the oil supplies, which would be a SHORT-TERM fix to the economy. But it's what that shady-ass Dick (Cheney) and Bush are and have been major players in, and they intend to make a profit.

And PRACTICALLY, this oil problem could've been solved:

-Coal could be used and minimized thanks to technology.

-Nuclear power

-Hydroelectric power is working well in Norway

-Solar power

-Wind power

etc. . .

I realize that they can't just switch the power off now and have these things implemented by tomorrow. It has to be a gradual change, but then again, these power sources should've been worked into the system. If it weren't for some people (Reagan and Bush) spending money on useless shit like "Star Wars", then we wouldn't have pissed away so much money, and it could've been used on something useful like these power sources education or something ala Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty or Truman's Marshall Plan. It's never too late. . .

But the most PRACTICAL solution is probably to. . .

Go drill fucking Alaska, then. You win, George.

Going to war with Iraq is just like getting mad at a pinto for taking up two spaces. You want to park in one space, but you blow it up instead.



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