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Those 'cool', white, middle-aged suits making 10 figs came over here this weekend. To a frat party.

Which exist here like a dude smashing corn nuts with a sledgehammer on a butt-naked dude's stomach --- never seen, but painful to see.

Frats are a painful thing to see, hanging by the feet of the UCSC admin, not well received by about 60% of the student population.

They are the most conservative, elitist organizations that distract kids from going to college to actually learn something (sororities to a much lesser extent). 'Yell had the quote of the year when he proclaimed from his hill on high, "Man, that's weak if you need emotional support from 'frat brothers." Maybe Erwin, you've got a good frat ready to go with its community service stuff, but I just hate how exclusive and clique-like they tend to be, the things I hated a lot about high school.

Those corporate motherfuckers at MTV added insult to injury by skipping the two biggest frats, which happen to be 'AzN' frats, to the SMALLEST white one with NO house. Woops, Can't have more than 3 Asians on a show !

No one really cares that MTV's here anyways, at least no one I talked to. And I stopped caring about MTV years ago when they stopped playing full videos in favor of such things like pop-your-eyes-out 'EXTREME' sports or a bitch-slapping dating show.

I guess they just heard that Santa Cruz is some kind of party school, but wow it will be wicked to see some Santa Cruz students causing drama, which is really a fringe of the population (40% of which probably go to Cowell college). Movies are catching on to the old myth that this is a premier party school, as one of the girls in The Real Cancun goes here too. Damn, media. . .just as we are moving up in the world with our Astrophysics and History of Consciousness program.

But to all non-UCSCers, let me set this straight:

Santa Cruz is a drug, NOT a party school. It's a school full of druggies and spontaneity.



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