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Plizzaylist for the last week at Santa Cruz till September 2003

A pumping up week as if going home weren't enough to. And I decided to link everything that I could mention thanks to Wibs.

1. Zion I - Silly Puddy - It's got a space odyssey 2001 feel which gives a sense that I'm complete, but that I gotta keep fighting.

2. Aaliyah - Journey to the Past - The best R&B fight song ever.

3. Velfarre Cyber Trance 4 - High energy trance mix that pumps everyone up. Makes for good background music when Wibs and 'Yell play NBA Street Vol 2.

4. Black Sabbath - Iron Man - The little guitar strum at the beginning reminds me of all the people who've ever gotten faded at 4:20 AM/PM (as if I'll forget) and all the cheap 80s effects in Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody video. This song sums up Santa Cruz and the times here with 'Well

5. Zion I - Critical - I like the bumpy, casual but distinctly urban beat. Don't know what to make of it but it sounds. . .nice.



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