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This Better Be Good

I am officially confused about what the hell the Chicago Bulls are doing.

Yesterday, they picked another point guard named Kirk Hinrich when they already have a perfectly fine, and even sometimes dominating point guard in Jamal Crawford when the team had a pressing need at the small forward position. Jamal had just gotten over a point guard controversy albeit in a tragic manner with Jay Williams sustaining potential career-ending injuries to his pelvis in addition to his broken leg. Jamal and Jay were fighting and scratching for playing time throughout all of last year, with Jamal eventually winning the battle. However, with an injury-plagued team, Jamal and Jay eventually started playing substantial minutes on the court together, engineering some hard fought wins against the Eastern Conference Sacrificial lamb, I mean Nets, the Bucks, and the 76ers.

Those hard fought-wins thru Jamal and Jay are probably what got our general manager excited about drafting yet another point guard to replace Jay. Hinrich apparently can shoot the "rock", and play some 'd', which could hopefully take pressure off the towers that are Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler. And unlike Jay, he could probably accept his role. Maybe this team's primed to become like the Dallas Mavericks, who use Nick the Quick Van Exel and Steve Nash or the Sacramento Kings, who use Bobby Jackson and Mike Bibby. So maybe all in all the team would benefit from this pick. And maybe, just maybe one of the incumbent small forwards (Jalen Rose, the on/off defender and Eddie Robinson, the athletic freak) has made strides to his game. Ha. Maybe. . .

Maybe they picked Kirk "Harry Potter" Hinrich to trade him for that pressing need of a small forward : ). Or trade Jamal : (

I officially don't know, and like the notoriously secretive full of surprise Jerry Krause days, I'm intrigued and mad.



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