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The Context of My Posts. . .Again

I've only written when I've been emotionally balanced, at the extreme of happiness, and the extreme of madness. Short bursts of these emotions and ideas usually give me the power to post anything. There has yet to be a post written when I'm just disappointed and down. So let this be the first post out of homeostasis.

The thing I've noticed about these slow and downer times is that my nighttime dreams have been more concrete and real.

First dream was about picking some earwax in the shape of rectangular butter out of my ear. It was like I accomplished something; like I cleared something up. Damn was I sad when I did not find a rectangular-butter shaped earwax on my side. It would have been fun to frame that or something.

I had a dream those damn Environment California fuckfaces again, inspired by a rant along with Jonn (for all the jobless and searching, he also recommended this site). I came back to a stoic office compared to the light and bright atmosphere I had experienced. The crew leader I worked with, Brooke, noticed me. She looked confused and told me that Eli, the ivy league director of the whole sham/scam, would momentarily be telling me to leave. So Eli came and said, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave." This time instead of taking it, I stood firm and said, "I have a few questions." I forgot what those questions were, just that they were not sufficient enough to shake even a smoothie. I felt unsatisfied once again, and finally woke up.

During these downer times, distractions are good shit. I played basketball and talked about LSATs and anything on TV with my homey named Mike. Life feels good when you think you're making an impact, and that's what happened playing basketball, dissing TV, and talking about LSATS.



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