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A Couple of Words About NBA-Related Affairs this Weekend

First off, the Bulls signed the hometown favorite, yet sometimes volatile Scottie Pippen. If you've seen my away messages on AIM about "Scottie Pippening fools", this is the guy I make reference to. When I say I'm "Scottie Pippening fools", it usually means that I'm playing some tight-ass defense, passing the rock, making fools look good, and leading the team to yet another win. Scottie has been away for 4 years, and now, at age 37, he plans to retire in Chicago. But first, he's got to get these current Bulls into the playoffs.

These current Bulls lacked: experience, consistency, the knowledge of defense, the knowledge of rebounding, a plethora of shooters, and overall, just wins on the road (3 wins, 38 losses on the road compared to 27-14 at home). This team has the ability to do everything it takes to win as evidenced by wins over the Lakers, Nets, Warriors, and pretty much the whole East, it's just a pretty young and basketball dumb-ass team full of budding stars who could jump out of the arena but would not know the first thing about teamwork. Let's see, there's the Mr. And 1 Jamal Crawford. There's the two tanks who couldn't jump if they pressed it on a controller in Marcus Fizer and Eddy Curry. There's the running turkey, Tyson Chandler. A circus of a bunch.

Scottie Pippen is expected to be the guy to clean up this mess and teach these guys how to harness their talent. He prides himself on all the elements the Bulls lack, thus the perfect fit. Even though he is a paleontologic 37, he still managed to lead the Blazers to an impressive 41-23 record with him in the lineup (The Blazers were 9-9 without him) as only a fraction of what he once was averaging 10 points per game. He's only played up to 60 games out of 82 the last few seasons, so hopefully his legs and back can hold up. Hopefully the young guys and maybe even some of the older egotistical guys like Jalen Rose and the lazy lackadaisical speed demon Eddie Robinson can learn a thing or two.

Go Bulls.

Secondly, Kobe Bryant is charged with sexual assault. My stab. . .err. . .guess at the truth is that Kobe instilled some kind of fear into her, and then she consented. I actually respected Kobe and his simplicity, but it seems like he blackmailed this girl into having sex with her. It's been re-iterated up and down the tube that he did not do anything without her consent. And the girl feels like she was forced. Something's got to give, and the truth lies somewhere in between the two sides' stories. Considering that she's as old as I am, she probably just felt very violated by Kobe suckering her into having sex with him and it seems like she will prey upon how she got fooled and how this assault has damaged her. Kobe's defense will counter her claims by sacking her credibility first and foremost, and then tinker with the county's definition of sexual assault.

With all that said, the penis makes us guys do really stupid things; it's like walking everywhere with a loaded gun and getting pissed off at someone (Wookie, There's Something About Mary). I highly doubt that Kobe physically forced her to have sex with him if that is what this sexual assault is about. This seems more like a civil case. Kobe is not a criminal, but for possibly blackmailing her, he should pay millions to the damage she's incurred to her reputation and her name in general. Now by the Kobe fans and the media, every little detail of her life is being exposed. I'm not on anyone's side, but it's unfair how the alleged victim is getting this kind of treatment. Jeeze, a message to the guys reading this: un-Load before you lock !



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