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Dayumn, I'm going to Miss First Year of College

Yes, the date is correct. It was me that was just kinda slow in realizing. Cha don't know what chu got til it's gone. I have this tendency to bring stuff up when it's not around.

Anyway, I'm going to miss 2 things: learning the anthro stuff and community activism in the Spring quarter of 2003 and the events in Prescott. I realized this two days ago in the middle of Summer.

First of all, I doubt I'm going to learn anymore exciting academics than I already have in the Spring quarter of 2003. But like my psych teacher in high school said, I could've just liked it because it predicted the upcoming events, meaning Summer. So with Summer in mind all quarter, I guess I revved up and took in the learning experiences. From the Western Service Workers to the History of Randomness, it was a great adventure of the mind and spirit. I began asking questions in the History of Randomness class about who exactly to trust in which I learned the power of dichotomoization, and we kept a journal sort of like this blog to rant about anything. And Community Activism was just the shit with Erwin, and these girls named Joy, Megan, Jenny, and Raj. It was just fun watching them all. I don't think any of us really paid attention, but the best part of that class was the massive 150-student out of 200 "study group" for the take-home essay exam.

Secondly, my first year in college (or at least how I view it in retrospect, neglecting my sleepwalk the first two quarters) was about the people that made shit happen. And most of the shit happened in Cowell College, Prescott 419. It will still seem like a distant memory, unless "Jimmy and Benson" happen to be people I can trust. At least for the 2002-2003 school year, it was about Bulls' basketball, A's games for ''Yell, NBA Street and NBA Street 2 and Yell's and 'Well's inability to get better in them, Well's music, Wibs' domination of his "black controller" and NBA 2K2 at the normal rather than the difficult setting, wallyball, coffee stories, my Scottie Pippen-like play versus Kenny, 'Yell, and Wibs, Wibs' and my winning streak as a duo when I'm not constipated (which has tacked on 3 more wins since the end of the school year). Dayumn, that's a helluva lot of basketball. . .thanks for sharing and tolerating my interest, it was really, for real, a good time. Now I've got a single and got to actually get out more when I have the time. . .

So, what's in store for next year ? I'm going to try and learn and ride a bike this summer. . .



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