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Learning: For the Quick and the Slow (Keith !)

Off went my baby Cressa to school. Aww, she's growing up before my very eyes ! Anyways, :ahem: I hope she does not feel like a bum, cause this age old institution of school apparently dissolves all feelings of being a "bum." It should dissolve those "bummy" feelings because it gives her a chance to learn. And to learn is to succeed, which a bum obviously cannot do.

In my randomly concocted opinion, school is the place where students learn practical-to-society things such as science and history. It is indeed a place to get a job.

In this rush for a job, learning stuff like science and math becomes nothing more than a tool by which society manipulates you.

Here in the grand ole US of A, school is a place to put info into your head just so you can access that bit of info faster. Learning is very dependent on time and result in this society, especially in this age of 2 million GHZ a second. It's evident in these tests like the SATs in which you have about 45 minutes to bust through 25 math questions or something, getting a score based on how much you knew during the time period. This measured and calculated time is something brought to life by the desire of money and respect; the commonplace idea that you need to be at point x and point y at some points in the day for some reason. Learning basically makes you a robot in this system.

So here's how to make people learn stuff and get some meaning out of it at the same time.

Ideally, learning from the start should be about untainted comprehension. The only time limits should be a due date. And this is what is great about writing essays for all subjects that are not named math, like I did for all my classes. And if you can comprehend, you're set. People are able to express themselves in their own comfortable way. People aren't judged according to a standard someone had set, which had previously favored others. Of course, there needs to be some standards, but ones that actually work for the disadvantaged people like extensions and stuff like that.

It may sound slackery, but it's the best way to "learn." To learn is to make things meaningful to yourself.

But we need to change the standards set by society by putting people from different walks of life in positions of power.



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