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You Are Really Not that Smart

Today was my first day on the job, working from door to door, asking people in Pasadena if they want to give air pollution a good kick on the ass. It was alright, nothing special. But one person I confronted door-to-door pissed me off in particular. She made me feel like a kid, by smiling smugly and then spilling her credentials.

I don't care if you graduated from MIT and John Hopkins. You're still from planet Earth, eating, sleeping, shitting like the rest of us and there's nothing that you know that can't be figured out without a little more specialization. I could still kick you and your dalmatian dog on your melon heads so hard that your eyeballs would pop out. Then I'd throw a Beaver at you and make sure it would chip away on that head of yours. It can't be that filled up, you're just the beneficiary of being adept with society's norms and institutions.

"I know more science than you ever will, honey." Doh.

OK, if you were truly a smart, and intelligent academic, you'd: keep an open mind, and actually enlighten me on what actually works better. What is better and more cost-effective than solar energy ? If so, why haven't you shared it with us neanderthals ? Are you primed to make a lot of money from this secret ? Why aren't you doing this for the good of society ? You were probably bullshitting me anyway, and I can't believe I fell for that.

Anyway, today, ozone levels are going on at 200. That is extremely unsafe air quality. Air pollution is contributing to that, and the earth is slowly becoming a melting pot. . .



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