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Distract Yourself

As I punched thru Loz Feliz Boulevard leaving smoke up in the air contributing to the LA air pollution and marks on the sidewalk, a lightbulb bling blung in my head. I had an epiphany about how to deal with the feeling of giving up while in the middle of running. Half of running is physical, which takes some practice and time, and the other half is mental, which took practice and time. Now I think I've solved the psychological problem of wanting to quit in the middle of a run, so please whoever take heed.

The key to lasting long on a run is to distract yourself. It hasn't been an entirely new idea to me, because this super speedy cross country runner named Graham revealed this secret a few years back when I was AP US Historying, and I've just found my own meaning in it. Distracting myself means to keep looking around at and thinking about various things maximizing my a.d.d. with the goal of keeping my mind off the pain and the drudgery.

That was the shit.



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