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How to Open a Nokia Phone

Let this random piece of information help the poor unfortunate soul who cannot open a Nokia Cellular Phone, not the bourgeoisie Motorola Camera phone fools. May the one with the Nokia Cellular Phone stumble upon this information upon a google search. So let me add some words that I think other people would use in trying to find this bit of information: change, face plate, faceplate, remove, 3395, Cingular, T-mobile, AT&T, tabs.

Anyway, long story short, there was freakin' sand inside my phone. I could not get any reception. And I was in the middle of a great conversation. There were no bars of reception. So with my teeth able to grind a stone in half, I tried to lift the tabs on the side of the phone with just my index finger. I did that for 30 freekin' minutes to no avail. Finally, I decided to get online and look for a way to open it via google. But I didn't get shit. With no reception on my cell phone, weary teeth, and weary fingernails I deferred to the regular house phone and its regular size and its regular reception.

However, the cellular phone soon shot back up to 4 bars. The phone was taunting me. It was really hard to crack, and it really kept me up the next day and night.

Like a blessing from the beholder, Cressa da Hane finally showed me how. And I'm eager to divulge the information on the world wide web unlike any other:

For beginners opening the phone for the first time, I suggest holding the tab at the botttom of the phone as shown in the picture, and simultaneously sliding/pushing the cover in an upward motion with the free thumb.

The advanced phone-openers can simultaneously press the tab and slide the cover in an upward motion with one thumb.



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