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Open Letter To Sleeker

Hey Sleek !

I was so slick today and built my connections a thousand fold ! Actually no, I just built on the skills that would build connections a thousand fold. One skill being. . .slick. I slicked my way into the Sunset Junction Fair 2 days in a row for free, saving me a grand total of 14 bucks.

My strategy on the first day was to find an opening and cut through it. It was successful. I even wandered through what I thought was another free entrance/exit before a security lady returned to her post and asked me when I wandered back in the 10 seconds I was outside about the stamp on my wrist that I was supposed to get upon entry. I kept pounding away about how I was there before, and before long, she budged and ushered me back. On the second day, the festival organizers got smart and put up security at that previously-open opening. So I waited on that second day for 1 hour before the security who had been watching me sympathetically let me in for free. In these two days, I not only learned the skill of slickness, but I also learned the skills of patience and persistence.

It was quite a steal on the second day as I got to see classics such as the former ladies of the Supremes minus Diana Ross and the deep tones of Sir Isaac Hayes. Even though I did not really get to see the Supremes up close, I got to see Isaac real close.

Being so up close literally a few feet from my home, him looking straight at my camera, and getting into the party for free makes me think that I'm tight like that with Isaac Hayes. I wonder if he's on Friendster.

However, the downside to all this excitment was that most of the paraders were littering in and out of the festival with beer bottles and crap. Environmental prejudiced bastards. I would not mind cutting connections with these humdrum suburban LAers. One sniveling and dwaddling fat dude in particular made me want to regulate, but I forgot my Oakland style bat. And the police were standing not too far away, but I'm just sayin'.

Whatever. Punks.

So all in all, my connection skills grew a thousandfold in the last two days thanks to the Sunset Junction Fair. Slickness. Patience. Persistence. Say it with meh now !

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