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The Sickest Songs of the Moment

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The songs of the moment are trancy, but really really good.

First, it's the Velfarre Cyber Hit Trance Volume 4 mix.

I didn't know about this mix till the end of the school year even though it was buried in my collection of MP3s. What drove me away from getting to this mix sooner was its description on Winamp as a bunch of Swedish (?) symbols rather than any English words. It's gone from the MP3 outhouse to the MP3 penthouse, whatever that may look like.

This mix is simply a powerhouse of trance (albeit a bit biased towards the woman with its calls for lovin' etc.) hits for nearly 70 minutes. The beats remind me of the ambitiousness of the early part of summer as I listened to it on the way down from SC. Man, this song got me pumped up to pump up the Summer. It starts off with a "Will. . .I. . .Ever Love You. . .Again?" in a reach-for-the-mountains, vibrating 2001 type of way. It gradually and coolly treads and transitions into this chunky beat, which in a robotty girly voice tells you to "E-M-B-R-A-C-E-M-E" as if it's being run through one of those headline tickers in Times Square. The beat slows to a pause, and builds back up to latch on to this huge slide of a trance beat. It's the kind of stuff contortionists might listen to when they're stretching with its wieldy, wiry beats. The highlight of the track comes around the 25th minute when a remixed, slimmed down truncated Euro version of DJ Sammy's Heaven stops the mix, and lays the track thick.

Man it is the baddest shit ever.

ATB's Sunburn is also getting a lot of burn on this comp because its jolly, ocean watery, Hawaiian, Jamaican, nightlify, trancy, Super-Soakery, WATERFESTY, and just fun.

It's sick too.

It's making me want to live up the rest of summer, and. . .bust ass.



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