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Early Today

It was just like old times as a procrastinating high school junior/senior. I was doing some stupid paper while watching the Early Today show on NBC at 4:30 in the morning. Damn I hated those times.

I did anything to stay awake. The show at least helped to sustain my awakeness throughout the procrastination sessions with its sparkling, early riser, fresh as the sunrise music playing before each commercial break, which made for a good quick shot to the arm every time I dozed off at the chair. Through my grogginess and knowledge that I would be seeing only guys the whole day, even the host, Nanette Hansen, looked like the hottest thing since the Chicago Fire of 1871. There were way too many economic details that I gave no shit about or else quickly forgot. I never really paid attention to the actual news because I thought I didn't have any space in my head to simultaneously think about the news and my paper(s).

The only thing I did notice from time to time was the weather from which I always wondered about two things.

First, the weatherman shows/showed national weather with descriptions of weather trends across the nation in a vast array of rainbow colors and then told us, "now lets have a look at your neck of the woods" as if we from Los Angeles were going to get a weather report on local Los Angeles. The audience is then treated to a second of silence as if the show is trying to get the feed from Los Angeles only to hear the weatherman's voice again and see the same exact national weather board with a dull sandy color away and temperatures of the major cities.

And with those major cities, I also wondered why there would only be 1 or 2 temperatures told in California when they had about 8-10 in just the Northeast repeating the same temperatures. Stupid Northeastern bias.



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