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How TV Works

This goes out to viewers of shows like the Today Show, Oprah, The Other Half, Leno, George Lopez Show, My Wife and Kids, and anything owned by Fox.

So today
No delay
Very gay
All straight
Crooked yo
Take the bait
Its how a show is made or break
Its called the TV shake and bake
They tell you you'll fade and make
No money, no attention to your sake
Can't say what you feel so you're fake

Watchers can only see this trickshit bait
Fail to use the organ that is the brain
Spoonfed the same plain ole grains
Locked in the box without the pain
The radicals appear nil but insane
Not so lame
But no fame
A shame
It is sans
The truth
From the rads to tell the youth what is right to fight and not be scared of the light to see people and become people not sheeple and reason out not be feeble and reach for the gun and land yourself in the deep hole. Idealistic almost like mystic from the past to root out the plastic cloggin' up your ass.



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