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Re: Scientific Facts, June 26, 2003

I get high off the endorphins my brain produces. And the endorphins I produce come from running or trudging through the trenches of Anthro. And I was really happy reading anthro yesterday because I had just Scottie Pippened everyone on the court and pretty much just kicked glass.

So happy.

I have even conceded that my thinking methodology of searching for absolute truths used in my June 26th post on scientific facts might be wrong. The facts I produced were correct, but maybe not used correctly.

From my anthro book: "The goal [of science and anthropology] is not to establish "truth" in any absolute sense, but rather to generate ever more accurate and consistent depictions and explanations of phenomena in our universe. At its very heart, scientific methodolgy is an exercise in rational thought and critical thinking."

I had been looking for "truths" in science since that particular post to the effect of generalizing and speaking out against truths against the whole medical field, when I was only talking about the medical field's truths in fighting microorganisms.

But now I realize that accuracy is what scientists are aiming for. However, if accuracy is what scientists are aiming for, why can they not have the autonomy to think outside of the scientific "laws" that restrict them ? Even AIDS activists have become more sensitive to these "laws" but only because they have learned these scientific laws.

In the larger context, these scientific "laws" to defeat viruses and bacteria could just be concoctions of a particular era. So the professionals should just keep trying to use any means. As human and environmental conditions gradually change with each second, the laws of fighting these microorganisms gradually change as well as they too develop immunities to antibiotics.

So after much soul-searching the main point of my post still remains: scientists and doctors combating microorganisms still take strictly to their laws of science and act like the stuff they know is "truth". . .when it isn't.



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