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Supersuckage: The Chicago EmBearassments of 2003

I don't care about being a fair weather fan. They don't deserve any foul weather fans because they aren't even trying unlike the Bulls, Cubs, and even Sox. They are idiots from top to down, management to players. It's not that they're cheapskates, they just think that throwing money around to just anyone especially in a highly competitive business that is the NFL solves the lack of victories problem. Proof of Bears' upper management's apathy towards the team's fortunes: They keep the coach, offensive, and defensive coordinator after 3 painful losing seasons (4-12, 5-11, 4-12) and just one lucky season (13-3) in which the team got thumped 10-35 anyway in the finale of a classic old stadium in Soldier Field.

There's no talent, there isn't even any heart if last week's 7-49 horrification against the 49ers and 13-24 "recovery" against the Vikings are any indication. The stadium's opening should be put off until the real pros come to play. A horrible defense. An even horribler offense. No, wait, they have "to improve to be horrible" as one poster on RealGM noted. I'm a liberal guy, so I accept a lot of folks they way they are but these guys really really suck. I'll even stop sipping the kool aid and realize that Urlacher, Brown, and Booker aren't even that good. On top of having no ability and subsequently, sucking ass, there is no strategy all game as they keep right on calling the same exact plays putting the starters in danger of injury and piling turnovers like your dad's stash of Playboys. It's like trying to race my '89 Celica maintained by backyard mechanics against Ferarris by the finest mechanics.

The only way this team is winning a game is if they beat and grab the luck out of the cartoon leprechaun who advertises Lucky Charms.




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