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UCSC Booy !

Classes start tomorrow. Amidst all the smoke I blow UCLA's way, I still like SC. The school's not just about surfing, Fraternity Life, and smoking weed. I got a bit irked when Cressa's roommate, Rona, said that "people passed up Berkeley in favor of Santa Cruz because they wanted to smoke weed."

Let me lay that argument flat on its back with the exclusive use of this catalog.

From my own experience, the academics are super-tight. It started getting super-tight when I actually started getting my money's worth and started studying.

The 2004-2005 Introduction to the UC pamphlet reads, "According to the 2000 National Survey of Student Engagement, UC Santa Cruz students were more likely to take courses that emphasize in-depth critical analysis and include open-ended essay exams; comapred with students at other major research institutions."

The composition of the majority of students seem are smart, intellectual folks who did bad in high school, but well enough to get into the UC. I've never seen so many No on Prop 54 posters and stickers.

And the results of this being smart ?

"UC Santa Cruz graduates enjoy a high acceptance rate into graduate and professional schools. In a national survey of more than 60 elite research universities by the Association of American Universities, the campus ranked 15 for students in all disciplines whose bachelor degrees led to doctorates, 13th in science and engineering and 14th in areas other than science and engineering."

That's right.

"In a recent comprehensive analysis of more than 200 top universities, UC Santa Cruz ranked 11th nationwide among public campuses in overall research quality. In 2001, UCSC was ranked second in the world for the quality of its research productivity in the physical sciences."

The smart folks also do what's right.

"A recent survey showed that UCSC students, faculty, and staff contributed 900,000 hours of volunteer community service in a single year."

The catalog makes even the super-recognized Berkeley sound a little dull with its non-stop mentioning of all it's Nobel Prize winners etc. The ad for Berkeley is probably weak because everyone already knows about it. But still, academics-wise, my school holds its own.

And where else can you find a cave, climb a redwood tree the height of an average corporate building, run naked on the first day of rain, see a lot of Zion I or Blackalicious, or go to drum circles at full moon ?



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