Annoying Friendster Conservatives Who Couldn't Connect Dots on Graphing Paper: Labels, Rules, and Standards

by B.J. on 10/24/2003 02:52:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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Let me re-wire your thinking or whatever you already know without filling your head with useless facts you won�t ever use.

So far in all my Friendster travels, I have seen two Filipino folk profess to be conservative Republicans and proud of it (None from the liberal side).

The type of people they propose to be are just obssessed with labeling stuff, which makes for easier dividing and conquering. Example: segregation and apartheid. I only label when I notice a trend, but I make sure to know the whole story behind a label. Since these people who are obssessed with labeling and ruling and proudly call themselves conservatives, I will refer to them in the way that they want to be called, conservatives and go by the images that they like to represent themselves.

Labels are then translated into the bigger picture, and the bigger picture spells R-U-L-E-S, rules. Rules help them brush off connection with people and makes it easy for them to lay off tens of thousands of folks at a time.

Labels, rules, and standards.

Standards are things set in a way to ultimately help people reach goals. Standards are not rules. Rules are made to protect things from getting hurt. But all rules made, by which I mean, laws, are just stuff fabricated by feelings of the white guy, the guy in charge. Laws do not equate to justice. Constitution: white guys. Africa: Colonialized by white guys. The Phillippines: Colonialized by white guys, too. Perfectly legal colonialization said the white guys because laws protect those with property, they don't protect a poor guy. And so our heroes, the white guys of the United States, ran over Native Americans who had been occupying the land for about 15,000 years, because it was written in their law by God's will.

Pull yourself back to 2003 and that friendster site with those two annoying "conservative" Filipino Republicans that are the inspiration for this blog.

What the fuck are they doing ? They aren't in control of anything, they're just doing well. They like making and following rules.

They're fiscal conservatives, as in they're parsimonious motherfuckers who aspire to live in the Pacific Palisades. It's like "Yay I'm proud to buy and keep shit that I won't get to take with me when I fuckin' die." Whoopee to that shit.

I can be just as penny-pinching as those fiscal conservatives. My favorite stores are thrift shops, but it's because I just want to be able to survive. The Conservative bros (not that they've turned faggot or black or anything. . .:paranoid faces:) just want to make sure they have enough money to indulge in Benzes, golf, and butlers.

Then they set hard work as the main standard passing it off as a rule within their realm of rules to getting rich (or at least they will preach it as such). It is (if you have computers, updated books, better facilities, more teachers, just some of the "little" things that middle classers have and hoodies don't). However, I'd imagine you'd have to be really really really really top of the class to get into Harvard from the hood learning stuff that does not relate well to yourself because you are not middle class. And this non-relation to self is just one factor that prevents other boring, non-extraordinary people from working hard and following laws and rules from the start.

For example, my parents being from the Phillippines did not talk to me about what I read in the L.A. Times, so I had no idea who the president of the United States was or what he did until 5th or 6th grade. Or for you self-righteous engineers, the only reason I'd fully grasp the elementary concept of averages was because I was a hardcore basketball fan even back then and looked at MJ's scoring averages. Make no mistake, it's hard to learn stuff that you feel you have no connection with.

Another thing that prevents people from working hard is that people do not see the payoff. You can�t expect everyone to work too hard, much less Ronald Ray-gun in his term as a president (Guess God decided to do Kharma on his ass cause Jimmy Carter before him is still up and running doing good things), and the current President of the United States, an admitted drunk till he was 40, leeway that barely any middle-classer would ever get. They got away with being slackers and making false connections with the middle-class. Alongside them, you have these lifelong berry pickers in Watsonville barely getting enough to survive. You tell them in their face with your Beamer they're not busting ass (and you deserve to be and I hope you are smacked).

Bottomline is, rich or poor, there are hard workers. The next time you think about self-righteously telling some poor guy to work hard, just think about their situation first because it's advice that does not listen to them. The best thing to do for you somewhat rich, unsympathetic self-righteous hard workers is to work hard on your own with whatever you got and help those who can�t. All thou has to do is put thou self in not only someone else's shoes, but also someone else's DNA. Would thou still find a way to make something happen without money or education ? At any rate, thou (rich white guy) will feel really good and get a lasting, meaningful kick out of helping someone.

In conclusion. . .

I feel my ideas. And I know these ideas are all for doing whatever is right. I feel it. Those who feel their ideas usually have struggled in some capacity. (I can't say that I have experienced profound struggle, just that I know I would hate to be some person trapped in the 'hood.) This conservative here has no feeling. He's lost in the concrete material he gets and thanking God for everything. No hint of humanity. Feeling your ideas hold no credibility in this society because it gets dismissed as bias. And I'm saying that labels, rules, and standards held by Conservatives are biased (and outdated) too.



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