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Re: Focus on Anything But Yourself, September 29, 2003

Two days ago I wrote:

"The more you focus on yourself, the more depressed you become. When you focus on yourself, you'll likely only see the bad in you.

The answer ?

Focus on other shit other than yourself and you'll be happier. You best distract yourself."

Thanks to Strizzo taggin' up the board like it was going out of style and Cress being not at her best, I've been inspired to clarify exactly what I meant and what I was thinking when I made such bold statements.

Be grateful and happy is what I meant to say especially if you're middle-class.

But first, let me address some of Strizzo's concerns.

-I was just trying to get an idea across in my own words. With "depressed" I simply meant "down." I meant for the idea to be representative of my raw thoughts.

-Relationships with other people falls under the category of thinking about yourself because those relationships are still about how it holds you, the individual, up. It's not beyond a person.

People in this society focus on themselves because it's natural, dummy. It's what everyone does. People focus on themselves because it's their own lives to make great or fuck up. It's the only life that should matter. However at a deeper level inside the left tittie, people think no one else could hold and care about them. The feeling is probably most profoundly felt in an impoverished home with a missing parent or two. At any rate people in this society do the caring and holding of themselves, themselves.

United States society also pounds into the generic television-brainwashed head that you yourself needs to achieve something as an individual to be validated, loved, and happy. All this need-to-do-something (super-exacerbated in the impoverished population) thinking leads people into the defensive against each other and has them wondering how they could improve themselves.

Fending for thyself can be extremely stressful.

So people think about themselves and always wonder how they could improve. Let the self-defeat begin ! A drink here. A smoke there. A breakdown somewhere. All to ease the pain of being a complete, undoubted, miserable, stupid, no-name loser/failure (sarcasm). And before you know it, it's another hazy Requiem for a Dream sequence.

My point was that "happy" people in this society generally think beyond themselves. The happy fools show and give da love rather than search and ask for it. Spread the love to the "unfortunates". It's one of those paradoxes that I learned from Grandmaster Michael Cheney de Loyola in 10th grade.

I do not mean to proselytize, patronize, and become a walking religion class, but it's something I've noticed. . .



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