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Some Notes on Taking Notes

:brushing off dust:

Arnold is the governor (bad). Prop 54 did not pass (good). Belinda had a birthday (good). The Cubs 2 days ago and came back and blew the fish out of the water (goo. . .I don't know).

More on all that shit later.

Damn, I feel like my mind is out of shape.

Oh well. Whatevs.

But case in point: I forgot all the techniques of note-taking that took me to academic success last year.

The story is:

The best notes I ever took was in Oceans last Winter. My notes were all fucked up at first. But when study time for the first midterm came and I realized that there would be no point to taking notes if I was not going to use them, I re-wrote the notes and made big headlines for new topics and subtopics on additional pieces of paper, arranging everything by date. Beneath those pieces of paper, the folder I always wrote on a folder which added resistance to my pen, making the notes a lot neater. Damn was it fun to feel the spokes of my hard-pressed all-capitals writing on the back of those notes.

But then I had spring quarter. I fucking fell asleep in every single class because of this shitty Tuesday/Thursday only school sched. I was not always on top of the reading. My notes just became random shit I would write during the boredoms of the class. But virtually all my tests that quarter were papers (one Community Activism midterm).

Now I have to re-learn how I made my notes cool because I have an actual test again.

Here's what I remember:

- Make big headlines
- Write neatly by pressing down hard with a pen on a folder(it's my way of keeping my own attention)
- Organize
- Put dates
- Make the shit have meaning

I just realized today that my notes suck.



They'll get better, I think.



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