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'Tude Just Shut the Fuck Up, Cha Bra ?

Annoying is. . .

. . .when surfer motherfuckers react positively by stretching out the vowel sounds of a word. Like "sweeeeeet."

Some motherfucker woke me up paying careful attention to stretching out the 'eeee' in "sweet" for at least 30 seconds. Stupid ass. I went outside down four flights of stairs half-asleep and clubbed him with a cardboard box. He fell down. Then I closed my window and fell back into bed.

Who the hell started using the word that way ?

Its sofa king annoying.

"Sweet" implies "nice", another annoying word when the vowel sound is stretched and it becomes "niiiiiiice."

Because of extensive use of "sweeeet" and "niiiiiice" by those annoying surfer motherfuckers who wake me up at 8 in the morning with no classes till 11 I have come to not only hate how it sounds, but also what they imply.

"Sweet" and "nice" are annoying because they imply something with pookashells and long hair and longboards undoubtedly clean and white. These words imply ecstasy in a lives that are already easy enough.

At least with "cool", it's blue and therefore neutral. You really can't tell if blue is clean or not, but "cool" is stuff that's dense. It's closer to the ground. And that's where I'd want to stay.



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