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Zion I = The Music of Anthropologists (at least for one anthro major)

Zion I takes you on a trip not only with their experimental, "ethereal beats", but also with their abstract lyrics. There's always something to figure out with them. Zion I's lyrics kick ass. And you won't find the ones that are not linked, except here on my website.

When you're in a Critical situation and you're Trippin', this crew will take you to Elevation like you're some kind of Silly Puddy. How Many. Boom Bip.

This song "One More Thing" is the one I listen to most cause it has guitars, slow, distorted, mellow rap, all making me feel like I'm in Egypt.

Zion I - "One More Thing"

[Zion I]

Light-hearted, breathe
Deep inside we weave
Mental styles to see,
Tryin' to listen believe
Into my heart,
My heart,
A spark. . .

Black markers written on walls
I�m standing so tall
We ball
Sometimes we fall
Gotta get up don�t trip up high
So Paul
Speakin� my gospel do it like this
But life it feels hostile ,
Search the skies I�m doing it everything
This is how I shall rise

[Susie Suh]

We all know
We all know


We all know

But I got
one more thing
And I don�t
know what to say
And I don�t
know what to say

[Zion I]

Brain cells react
Every time that I put in on impact
Car attack
Method explode
Let me explain what my raps
Written in blood, livin� in water
Do everything like the daughter of earth
Work, place, church
Sometimes it seems I�m not
Worth anything that I would be
I sing my song so I can be free
Just watch me
Clock me
Liberation is all that I know
My flow

[Susie Suh]

Baby I don�t know
Baby I don�t know (you that good)
I got one more thing to say
But I don�t how
I don�t know how

One time
For your mind
Susie Suh Zion I
One time
We can just shine
Just let it come out
And goin� the round up the place da la la la la la la la la la

The Drill's just a deep water slangy headbopper.

Zion I - "The Drill"

Stranded on asylum
My self need it silent
Ground let the mash
Bump the flame like a pilot
See me on the sign and little z
Betta holler
Always pop my collar
Roll like a rotweiler
Diesel when we flex this
Slide on my nexis
Amp live always represent texas
Ima get it hotter than a dance floor chatter (chatter)

Flex like this war sex that your fizzo
Why you getting jelled
Baby backing on your fizzo
I keep it solar
Melt down your polar
Your just a little baby cub on my sonar
I been doin� it and doin� it well
But you probably couldn�t tell
Cause I�m short on my mail
Make or break six double eight
Makin� a sell
What That they told me at the label
But I rebelled
I�m like Nat Turner
Carryin� two black burners
My rap stacks attack like axe murders
And push further to the point of no return
Zion I burn like a thick stick of sure


Is you with this?
You know the drill
Its Zion I massive on the real
Did you like that
We gotta be
We end on a
Then we rock for you

X 2

Is you with this ?
Come on little mama

X 4

I�m like the cat working� corporate
who never got a raise
Who slaved in hell a thousand days underpaid
Went to school to be a scholar now miseducated
But Fuck what you know if you still can�t make it
Seen a sister shake it break it to pay the monthly bills
Tuition, rent, survival skills its fo real
But I�m stick in this limbo
I speak to my kimfo
Relate to the style
Cause you understand
You been broke
Seen a lotta sufferin�
Seen a lotta woes
But where I finally go
Only might Ja knows
So I spit my lines
Makin� minds hypnotized
I hope the gates of heaven open wide
When I die
While you clamorin� glamour
I�ll be stammerin� gramma
You like arm�n hammer
I�m the funk Alabama
To bounce with the clout
Bringin� large amounts
Trust me keep it dust till you turn shit out


Some say I�m too deep

"Finger-paint" is the song that every girl likes. But nonetheless still tight.

Zion I - "Finger-Paint"

Feel my finger paint
Color to stimulate cha
Rise relate cha
Pass in love and nature
Rhymes to break ya, take ya
Up to the maker
Away from the pain
We feelin� safer
The liberate to rectify the soul
Written in red, green, black
Trim it with gold
We been in war
Hey man we seen it all before
Got you feeling the fundamentals of flow toe-to-toe

How we battle
You can light the shadow
Walking with
You bring a barrage of marshmellow
Words and word curse
Lip style mellow
Zion the lion-hearted fellow

Finger paint you can hold the weight
When the mind is great, then the soul create
I reperate like water when I change my state
Mindscape to the next levitate

[Susie Suh, Refrain]

Breakin� all the shit that I don�t want to hold
Makin� all the slumbers inside me flow
So in all the seasons can make me grow
And I�m breathin�
I�m breathing� slow

x 2


Feel my finger-paint as the world spins
Let my finger-paint cleanse your sins
My finger-paint�s paintin� all colors on your skin
See my reflection in my brother, my twin
I�m spark in a light to your soul deep within
You can hear the echo when I drop my pen
The children hold hands under the rainbow
Everywhere we go we bring the same flow
Feel my finger-paint on my para-bola
Supernovas, nebulas, satellites
My finger�s paintin� all over the mic
My finger�s paintin� lightning when it strikes
Bring down the rain, release the pain
Master the craft, die ya rocks ya game
My fingers paint across all terrain
My finger paint penetrates your brain


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