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Basketball Shot Mechanics

Damn, I really feel like Scottie Pippen in his younger days combined with the Jamal Crawford of today out there.

I was hitting shots. . .like it was going out of style. It was hydroelectric.

(Yep, as hydroelectric as this 80s notion of modernity and electricity)

After over 10 years of playing on/off, I have finally figured and solidified my shot mechanics on the courts. The key (at least for me) to making shots has been the pop from the bent knees. If I got that, all I need to do is put the ball somewhere in the vicinity of that hoop with my hands, which are opened wide enough to grip the ball. And for those super long shots, I make sure that my body is squared to that hoop. Snap the wrists and send that sucker flying like a flying fuck. Mechanically, I have stuff down.

So if I'm ever in a rut, I just gotta think back on these mechanics with the positive results discussed here and leave it to pure physics to put that motherfudging ball in the hoop. Otherwise to the hoop I will eclectically a-speed right, left, inside, outside.



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