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Benzino vs. Eminem

Even though he's made a song I like, Benzino has made himself look like a complete jackass going all out to try and besmirch Eminem's image.

Blah blah he's said stupid shit about Eminem being popular because he's white and that black rappers have to take hip-hop back to the streets. He probably just hates Eminem as evidenced by digging up some 10 year old stuff where Eminem makes some bigoted racist comments directed strictly at a black ex-girlfriend. While Benzino may be a dumbass fool, I can still see the tension that Eminem and other white and/or underground American rappers would create, mostly through no fault of their own other than the fact they have grown up in much more different environments and therefore have different issues. By growing up in a different environment, these undergrounders/white rappers have a tendency to make much more different music and not focus on guns, money, bitches, and weed because generally they've had those things.

I can't even hate on country anymore because that music would naturally make more sense to a ruralite. I don't like it but I respect it.

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