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A Day to Remember

The kid knows why his wings were shot down in the first place. It was because of his bad vision. Vision cluttered by his own ideas. His ideas cluttered together because people pumped his ego. He paid no attention to other people's ideas because he only saw his ideas. Somewhere along the way he forgot to see other people and pay attention to them. He thought he'd somehow transcend this society's standards with his own ideas. So how did the kid get to that realization ? Maybe it was the fault of wing repair who told him he needed his wings to fixed in the first place because all he did was gain confidence by attacking people. Perhaps wing repair was right, but wing repair could have had some wrong because wing repair is human too. Maybe wing repair needs to listen more closely too. But today in this day to remember, the kid soared with ideas because he was paying attention to everything the professors said. Instead of shutting the teachers out by sleeping, the kid took their ideas in and selectively connected his own ideas within flow of the content, rather than outside of the content. By listening he learned to have fun again, to inject meaning into whatever he learned (There was to be no sleeping like a coddled, unsullied middle-classer in this soar-thru, but that's not the point). He realized that he didn't accomplish end results and being happy by plain old struggle. Maybe having fun is all that the kid needed to get thru the struggle, instead of struggling because it was a struggle and it simply needed to be gotten thru because if he got thru it would make him better. But today in this day to remember, he did not need to get a pat on his ass for doing a great job and or a certain letter on that report card to validate his superiority over other people, and thus existence in this life. If the kid had fun, society's validation would come. No need to be better than anyone else because we all end up grounded anyway. But today in this day to remember, he took off from the ground at least for today. . .can he maintain. . .



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