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Have You Noticed. . .

Where's the love shown to the Latino card swipers at the Cowell dining hall ?

It's all up in the face of this one black card swiper at the College 9/10 dining hall.

Those middle-aged Latino card swipers cannot even get as much as a look or even a thank you from these snobby asspuff surfer kids.

But then, about half the time I sit down and watch the black card swiper in action, about half of those same surfer kids will enthusiastically greet him acting like his friend. They're trying to be "down" with the black guy cause he's their only contact with "those" kind of people. Then, they just sit down and eat, forgetting it ever happened.

And of course this ain't new shit. The same stuff happened with the black security guards at Loyola during my freshman and sophomore years in comparison to the new Latino ones during my junior and senior years. In the cocky ass white guy's view: see big black guy, make positive contact so he doesn't hurt me. Ignore that other Latino because I could take him and he won't be able to talk to me.

So, how are these three micro examples samples of how race has become a non-issue in this society ? Easy. They're not.



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