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History of East Hollywood

The part that no one ever acknowledges because its about as sanitary as a Dmanisian fossil. Geez, there's no respect for the dirty places, even though they've got more wisdom.

Hollywoodland was all farmland, first of all. Now the only thing green is the toxic shit on those bumpy ass roads.

It's interesting to see how my city evolved so quickly, wondering about who roamed where and how things got started. Fun shit all the time.

But here are the interesting tidbits about the history of the landmarks we see today bulletpointed and packaged for you:

-Children's Hospital was built in 1913

-The Vons (Safeway for Nor Cal fools) located on Virgil and Sunset was the movie set for an old movie called Intolerance. The William Fox Studio (predecessor to 20th century Fox) was located on Western and Sunset.

-That old Cahuenga library was built in 1916 and named after the Cahug-Na Indians who lived in a stretch of Atwater Village to Hollywood.

-That broken down piece of shit that is called LACC used to be University of California, Southern Branch in 1919. But that university relocated 12 miles to a ranch called Westwood and now calls itself UCLA.

-The church of Scientology buildings oun Fountain used to be the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. It was built in 1930. Cedars of Lebanon eloped with Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills in 1976.

-The Hollywood freeway (101) was built from 1947-1949. Read and see pictures of freeways.
-Kaiser was built in 1953.

Heavy thanks to this site.

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