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New Words and Phrases I Have Picked Up and Used A Lot Colloquially In the Last Two Years

When I'm on the computer, I have been told that I take on a different language. I curse a lot on these posts, but even those are mechanical, forced "shits" and "fucks" at times. So to get a grip on how I actually talk as a good anthropologist would do, I present the words that I have used most in the last two years (in conjunction with "awkward words":

5. "Scrappola" - This word started out as "crap", then evolved into "crappola." It doesn't quite give out the whole feeling of droppings as does "crappola." But then as an 8th grader, I also wanted to fuse "crappola" with "shit" without saying "shit" thus "scrappola."

4. "God Fucking Damnit" - I remember using this on my parents when I was really pissed off with them. I don't use it to commemorate that cause Ilvemiparents, but it had evolved to mean "Fucking God Damnit." It's about the most rebellious word I can say. I actually don't use this a lot anymore.

3. "Shitter" - I picked this up from Old Yeller and his Oakland lingo. It gives a funnier picture of "toilet" and makes me think of the flushing part in particular. The shitter.

2. "Fook" - Just a nicer way to say "fuck". . .Minne-soe-tuh and Canada style. I developed it just this past year. How creative. But still everyone knows what I mean.

1. "Man" - This simple 3-letter, 1-syllable word is used every time I can't find the words to say, when something goes wrong, for a suprise, or when something is exciting. It bridges gaps and lulls in conversation. It's easily presentable in any situation when I want to say profanities. It evolved after I tried to stop cursing so my parents would not get pissed off just this past year.



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