Porter Run

by B.J. on 11/04/2003 12:00:00 AM Print this post

The Naked run, the First Rain, the Porter Run at UCSC, UC Santa Cruz, University of California, at Santa Cruz. It all happened for the second time in my UCSC career two days ago on November 1st. Here it is chronicled in two "high-quality" pictures. Better one here from a friend on Digi Ramen. Ha.

It's not an orgy fest. It's a statement and custom above all. Everything happens too fast for any sexual thoughts to cross your perverted mind because they really do run. And run they did. . .like cattle. . .through the largest UC campus acre-wise into dining halls, school buildings, and residence halls. These pictures were taken at Cowell College and the Student Union. They are meant to look like cattle rather than any kind of porn. After all, we are just a bunch of animals anyway, which the second picture really highlights. Don't be scared of your birthday suits fellas. (Don't worry if you participated, your faces are lost in the blur so your parents, friends, priests, kids, whathaveyou won't ever be able to tell)

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