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Christmas All Around The World

Awww how warm and cuddly we all are here. Christmas is so nice and white and uh. . .nice and white. Ice skating. Gizz. All the snowflakes coming down. Dreaming of a white Christmas, cause the dark one you have now is a piece of shit and you really need to get away from it. It really is the best time of the year when the wind starts biting your skin, you wrap gifts, act all nice, and bake warm cookies giving you bad pillsbury whiteboy breath and a twinky stomach.

Butcha know it doesn't snow everywhere, cookies aren't baked and other warm and cuddly things we do in America.

I hear in the Phillippines its almost a half-year celebration of Christmas. I don't know what its about, but I don't think it's as fluffy as the shit here with the same boring crappy old classic songs. I don't feel any better after listening to any of that.

But. . .

I wonder if they cuddle and hug and all that warm sentimental bullskitzio in that other hemisphere being that it is their summer. Do they

I wonder how Christmas is celebrated by Marilyn Manson. Does he stay upside down on a cross for 14 hours of the day ? Does he celebrate it but make people drink black blood juice ? Does he just take it as an ordinary day and go blah (whatever that is) ?

I wonder how malnutrioned and impoverished folkers celebrate in those arid regions of Africa, South America, and the East. Do they go to some feeding place ? Do they holiday it ? Do they take it as an ordinary day ?



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