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How Do You Know When A Cover Song Ruins the Original ?

So in this quest I have begun to get all the music I can, I have looked far and beyond and seen such perfect circles and tools that I've become such an audioslave. It's preventing me from doing all this work and has me raging against this machine called the computer. Anyone got any cures ? Eh, I probably just need to use my frickin' common sense sometimes. Jeeze, I have finals, why can't I get it through my head that there are only a few days till I'll be miles away from this crap and be breaking for holliday ? Mos def initely have to get cracking on that h-work, but first this blog:

I've been downloading a lot of remixes/covers where classic songs are re-made and sometimes made cooler.

Not the case with this punk band called Rancid. I just started downloading their shit simply because I heard all about them and this annoying sour and pimply faced kid kept wearing stupid black Rancid shirts always listening to his CD player. And the first song I listened to was No Woman, No Cry. They completely destroyed No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley. Bunch of stupid crapazoid shit.

So how did I know that it ruined Bob Marley ?

Anyone with half a brain (me, sometimes), can realize that No Woman, No Cry is a song of oppression. These fuckheads just dick around with the message squirting their nasty punk shit like ketchup over a bunch of dodger dogs. You can't hear anything the whole song, except no woman, no cry. And that produces the effect of promoting more idiotic punk kid intelligence to the level of "zipping your fly without getting your dick stuck" (a phrase borrowed from a funny guy named Maddox) How do I know this type of song produces the effect of more idiots ? Because it's annoying and only offers a lot of stupid ass kids yet another opportunity to be energized yet still grungy and mad for no reason (who the fuck says I'm angry all the time show your fuckin' face !).

Now I can sort of see how the classical guys can get mad with the trance guys with the trance guys remixing Mozart, etc. But I think Mozart's stuff is more open to interpretation, whereas Bob Marley's stuff has a more pointed message that would make it harder for such a genre like punk to remake respectfully.

So there you have it, a cover/remix song ruins the original when the message is completely changed.


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