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Loyola Vs. Long Beach Poly (Foo-ball Foo-ball !)

So just a few hours ago, my yuppie alma mater beat Snoop Dogg's and Cameron Diaz's football powerhouse alma mater for the CIF southern section championship. It was such big news that it got onto the same local channel that broadcasts Lakers, Kings, and Mighty Ducks pro games.

21-17 was the score.

But it started out 0-14 with Long Beach in control and ready to push. They appeared to be big bad Long Beach Poly in 2000 that just barely beat super-athlete Matt Ware and company, and then they were the same big Bad Long Beach Poly here in 2003 set to demolish a Matt Wareless no marquee-name (at least not to me, probably because I haven't been following and I've been disconnected from all things Loyola) puny-looking Loyola team. That #27 from Loyola is getting the crap kicked out of him.

All of a sudden out of nowhere benchwarmer #25 (a former long jumping mate of mine) for Loyola catches a pass for a touchdown. The defense holds up. Loyola surprises Poly and runs it up and down with #32 busting through holes with speed. They eventually get another score in the 3rd quarter to make it 14-14 with a pass to #21. Long Beach then slightly breaks momentum with a field goal making it 17-14. And that would be the last time they would score, as Loyola scored a touchdown with only 4 minutes in the 4th quarter to make it 21-17. Loyola's defense holds up twice with #52 sealing the fate with a sack similar to last week's goal line stand against Los Alamitos, and the rest is history.

Loyola's first CIF championship since 1990.

OK, so that's fuckin' nice. Loyola's been winning CIFs as of late: basketball, cross country, and now football. The feelings were like: Fuckin' celebration ! Rip a pillow ! Watch the vains pop out ! Growwwwwwwwwwwwww (with a claw ripping something out and blood dripping out of that wildcat smile) !

Butchewknowchewknow, all I could think about during that game was that I'd be cheering for Poly had I not gone to Loyola. Goddamn how cushed up I am.



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