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Lyrics to Bomb-Ass Songs Part 2 (Inspi. Rational Songs In-Depth): "So Pick Up the Puzzle and Pieces. . .

[Songs and enduring inspi. rational images. The second part to this post. They all point to something. . .

. . .And put it together fo our lives/My Lord, Dear Lord, maintain, it's hard cause I'm a soldier at war/Cause Everybody wanna try to pick up the devil in me/But tha evil's embedded in me
/Keeps me at ease/take notes cause here it comes/The murda mo coming to carry you oh you oh/They comin' to see me pullin' me gauge out/And put it up to ya temple and we'll blow your brain out" <--- (The Lyrics of Note)

Image: A dude with a beanie and stern look on his face out in the cold leisurely blowing smoke or frozen spit molecules like D'Angelo maybe drinking coffee while standing up.

Thanks to: Bone Thugs N Harmony - Days of Our Lives, 1997

Lyrics of Note: "I Got to Get of Of This Place"

Image: AI, The Answer, Allen Iverson, #3 on the 76ers running on fumes in the 2001 NBA Finals to keep his crappy team afloat still on his 165-lb legs thru like 57 injuries during the season and playoffs. I wonder how his hamstrings hold up after all that. Toughkin nugget.

Thanks to: Bust-A-Groove 2 - Happy Heart in the Sunshine, 2000

Lyrics of Note: "Dewdewdewdewdewdewdewdewdewdewdewdananananadeneeneeneeneeneeneww (it's a trance song)"

Image: Shades of Jamal Crawford scoring 33 points against Indiana (28 in the first half) in a game last year.

Thanks to: Fischerspooner - Emerge, 2000

Lyrics of Note: "Dream it till yo dream coooooooome true" (Headbanging ensues)

Image: Rocky and my alter ego named Reggie toughing it out and running the last leg of a cross country race.

Thanks to: Aerosmith - Dream On, 1981 (just seems like a 1981 song)

Lyrics of Note: "I will show you all you need to know you must hold on to anyone that wants you and I will love you through the simple and the struggle but girl you gotta understand the modern man must hustle"

"Hush, little lady don't say a word or the rest of the village gonna know you disturbed, if you let em know that you're vulnerable, Then there aint no stopping how far they open you slow (yo yo yo) I'm a chapter in yout text book read me like a checkbook mistook love at first site for a sex look/Enough of the blind man's bluff,/I wan't the good stuff/Trying to hookup a full belly and a foot rub/The modern man's hustle I dig it,/I shuffle/Feed me your troubles and need me to cuddle (come on)/Bundle up in my mitten and coat/As cold as it gets I keep your winter afloat/So let the snow fall, (it's cold in town)/She doesn't want to understand why I still come around/She look at the mirror she don't see what I see/She holds no history of how precious she be/Lay your head on my chest, speak of the stress Kick your feet up and rest, before we clean up the nest I hate to see you upset it cramps the position/And if you didn't know you better listen (you better listen)/Cause...

Image: Same image produced from the Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony song.

Thanks to: Atmosphere - Modern Man's Hustle, 2002

. . .which is to Stay Standing.]

- En Oh Tee Ee Ess Oh Eff Aye Ess Oh See Eye Aye Ell Pee Aye Are Eye Aye Aych



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