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A Ponder

You know, the kid has seemed to be running up a hill with a bungee cord and pack attached to his back. Those are what you would call friends. Kid's been running hard to break free and tear away like a Wiberwachi, whatever that is. He broke free once, and now he's at it again. As free as a blonde-haired, blue eyed kid in Hanes briefs. . .in Neverland Ranch. Huhhhhhhhh.

Hrrrrmmmm, that said, what if the kid just cut all connections ? I don't mean cut as in faggot-ass hairstylist snip snip (don't mean to gay-bash either) or yellow wires to be cut with hello kitty safety scissors, but cut as in behead-throw the gauntlet of an axy bow down kablaam medieval style, dead, lights out bitch, never to be seen again, goodbye until the next awkward meeting where we reminisce over good times.

Kid's been surviving without em for so long, that it don't even matter anymore. FLY. A. WAY. NOW.



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