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Sledgehammer Turns My Head into a Can of Slush

There is permanently a sledgehammer lodged in the middle of my fuckin' head. Or maybe it's a pencil, whatever it is, it must've hurt on impact, but it doesn't hurt anymore. I guess the shit is numbing and it's become part of my head. And now I'm like Bio from Bust-a-Groove 2 with the green goblin face and whiteboy dancing moves to the beat of an entrancing from-the-dead bass n' trance song (or whatever genre it is)

Yeah OK not really.

I want to get that sledgehammer out of my head and throw that sucker at a maple tree and see if it breaks. Or if its a pencil I want to fucking, ugh. . .write something down. . .FUCK YEAH.

I guess it's better than actually attacking someone or else I'd be thrown to the slammer by other hardass wannabe badass someones who just don't know or really give a crap to understand and end up in dust like the rest of us anyway.

Man I just want to freeze and disappear from this world of fucking shithead primates. Call me back when we've evolved into something useful like dinosaurs only primate instead of reptillian. Fucking reptiles and their peripheral vision. I wonder how those humongous pieces of shit fucked. . .oh here.

(Oh wait, there's no one I can trust outside the fam in heav to call back. That's where I remember there's a fucking sledgehammer/pencil lodged in my head, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKING OUCH. God what a fuckin'g whipstickagoo crack. But I'll figure it out and be melo like Carmelo)

Why the motherfudginizznuck can't we just lay eggs on the outside and shit: it would make things less complicated and there would be no need for such useless things as celebrities, some shit-witted twins budweiser commercials, clubs, bars, and chick flicks.

Goddamn I hate people. Now I wonder why I make posts that cheer on Loyola like that.



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