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We Got Him ? No They Got You

Apparently this is important. Someone plant a sharp knife blade-up on my keyboard to help keep me from falling down on it as I type this 'cause I'll just be saying stuff that anyone else can say.

After about countless people dying in Iraq and the US that could've easily been your brother, sister, mother, father, grand-dad, wife, husband, the US of A has finally got Saddamnit.

Why am I not celebrating ?

Because this doesn't mean the end of anything. It never does, it's why people are apolitical. In the bigger picture of history, we're going to cancel ourselves out one way or another like Ben Stiller getting his dick caught in a zipper.

There will be a lot of political debate that will not lead to anything except more bad whiteboy out-of-a-breakfast-of-waffles,-special K-and-strawberries-or-wheaties,-cantalope,-red-tie- and-suit (not leather jacket biker whiteboy)-breath being exchanged. All we did was: capture some geriatric fugitive (which by definition is a person out of power) who probably needs diapers to keep from shitting every 6 minutes, kill a bunch of people, and ultimately, upset and pleased some. Those upset by this capture, particularly those fundamentalist Islamics who think exactly like us Americans in labeling things good and bad, upset as they are, will probably find a way to materialize themselves and keep the chaos afloat.

It's good that we caught him, but will be hyped up like no other as some kind of Bush victory. This capturing of Saddam used as ammunition for support by Bush when he was getting so little support is what ultimately pisses me off. These Bush supporters will play heavily upon the fact that they captured someone who killed a lot of people as if to imply to us citizens that "hey at least we're not killing you guys, you could be much worse." These fuckers at the top never think of what's better, unless it's for their personal gain.

And the beat goes on.



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