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Angelo, ohhhhh Angelou

This long-haired stereotypical Santa Cruzan named Angelo was just sitting down playing video games. Crappy old ones like Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart. He came to this party just to do that. He didn't come to socialize, didn't come to drink, and he didn't. Meanwhile the biggest nerd this side of Urkel, Max, is drinking about 5 shots of 40% alcohol. He's a lil buzzed, but the party's progressing well. Music is bumping, more alch on the way.

Knock ! Knock ! Knock !

(about 2 seconds later) Party's over !

:everyone scrambles:

"Alright line-up and show me your ID card," the proctor says.

Typical Santa Cruzan Angelo is the first to be seen by the proctor so he's at the door first. Proctor tersely asks, "Have YOU been drinking ?"

:Pause with his head down, then finally. . .: No.

The proctor raises a suspicious eyebrow that rivals the Rock on what looks to be a typical blunt-smoking, drinking hippie Santa Cruzan.


Proctor checks a yes for drinking.

Three people later, it's good ole-chess-playing Max up to face this bs-detecting machine. Hrah ! Max has braces and glasses. He's also notorious for tucking in his t-shirt. Sheesh.

Proctor sees this (he's known Max from playing chess late-night with some anti-social entity who barely exists) asks immediately in with a smile, "YOU haven't been drinking have you ?"

Max clings tightly on to that and says no. He even discusses the origin of his last name on his student ID card.



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