Anthropology 001 at UCSC Is a Joke

by B.J. on 1/13/2004 06:29:00 PM 0 comments Print this post

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Usually I don't make excuses, but this class' tests really fuckin' irked me (and I just realized it now, a month after getting my grade from the class)

I went to every single class, kept on the reading, did assignments, but it was ultimately the tests that assured my subparness.

Basically we had to guess what was on the final exam cause the review sheet was ambiguous and misleading. I thought there were no mind games to be played in college. My whole study time of about 10-15 hours was like a trivia guessing game as to what would actually be important and most occurring in the test. It was as if the instructor had the leeway to fuck around with the exam as much as she liked because she could fall on the excuse that we had a cheat sheet, mine which was completely useless even though it addressed every single question on the review sheet.

It might as well have been in Cha-neeeze.

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