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The Day that Eats Away at Me

By tonight I will be on a bus. A bus full of people who have never hung out with me, never talked with me, and never cared for me.

Time to get slip on the ole calcetines and get this day started and do meaningful things cause it will be some time before I see the people who have hung out with, talked, and cared for in my life.

6 o clock in the morning it was when I last checked, and now it's 4 pm. 5 more hours till I leave. 4 till I leave the always cold, homely apartment. 5, 5, what to do. Ah, play some video games that will do. 6 pm, 7 pm just more trepidation. My mom boggles the trepidation by asking me if I need this, this, or that. In re: my eyes droop and my throat wires up like its getting ready to shoot out electric bolts of its own. I'm shriveling into a pretzel.

Then I finally get into the car with my dad. The bus station is only about 8 miles away, but it seems like a 2 hour power shower. My unwillingness to leave the people not only showers down little drops, but speeding bullet daggers all aiming for my left tittie like Shark's teeth on a fish. I make sure to lose myself in the CD player, packed with fresh batteries from the 99 cents store, get my phone amped and attach the little headphone to shield from those daggers. And when I get lost, there is no memory that I left or even of this old life I always temporarily leave, because there I am.

Then when I come back to resume this old life. . .

rinse and repeat.



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