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I Am fo The Children, Always Am, Always Will Be (Part 3)

Another E-Mail. This is to stop Arnold's elimination of outreach programs. This takes about 15 seconds of your life. Here's why it's bad. And here too. I'm skeptical of them sending me bullshit in the air-mail too, but hey it's more scratch paper or something to wipe your car down with if you don't want it. And bullshit e-mail, well, just uncheck the box for updates etc. Yeah, sure it would be nice to know how many other people signed this thing, but if it was just me, least I'd be able to say that I did something.





The goal of Fax Day is to inform our state leaders of our opposition to the elimination of UC and CSU outreach programs and to encourage them to vote against the cuts to outreach in the upcoming budget. The first Fax Day will take place today, Tuesday Feb 24, 2004. We aim to fax as many letters as possible to local and statewide offices. For maximum effect, all campuses and constituencies are encouraged to participate, including program participants, UC/CSU students, parents, middle and high schools, and local business leaders.

There are two ways you can send your fax:

(1) Please send a fax to your local legislators. You can do so by accessing the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) website: The site will prompt you to input your name, home address and zip code. The service will automatically send five faxes on your behalf. A fax letter will be sent to your local senator, your local assembly member, the senate budget committee chair, the assembly budget committee chair and the Governor. Please note this service allows only one fax to be sent.

(2) If you prefer, you may also send a fax directly to your legislator (s). Attached is a sample letter. If you prefer, your letters may be customized to reflect your individual feelings, or revised in some other way. Please review the attached letter and fax one to your local senator and one to your local assembly member. Visit your assembly member and senator's website to obtain a fax number:

Thank you for participating in the campaign to oppose the Governor's proposed elimination of outreach programs for the University of California and the California State University systems. Please forward this message onto anyone who may be interested in participating.

Pablo G. Reguerin

Associate Director

Educational Partnership Center




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