Why Bullshit Gets Thrown Around

by B.J. on 2/08/2004 10:12:00 AM 0 comments Print this post

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I define bullshit as "lies, lack of genuineness, or excess." Lack of genuineness meaning not true to yourself. Not true to yourself meaning you are presenting yourself with a different set of values (not so much action because we all act differently with various people) depending on a situation. For example, you'd be acting upon the value of self-control with parents, but then you'd lose that control without them. And everything about you changes. It's manifested not only in what you do, but the way you carry yourself overall. That's what not being true to self is.

And why would you not be true to yourself ? Because you have an ends to meet.

As long as people feel they have an ends to meet and they don't have a means of getting that ends, bullshit will get thrown around.

And in as large a society as the United States, there can only be so much disorder. So to ensure order, there are ends/goals (which are arbitrary in themselves) to be met for members of society. For example, one end/goal is getting into college. A lot of bullshit will be thrown in the application in essays, extracurricular activities when you were really an unproductive waste of space.

Money is obviously the main ends here in the United States. And people will find all types of ways to get it and engage in plenty of bullshit behavior.

Then the questions should come into mind, why is that ends of money in particular, important ? Will I be able to live without the ends ?

Well of course money is needed to survive. But to my perceived audience --- my friends, a bunch of middle-class college kids who surf the internet, yes you will be able to live without an excess of that end. You probably won't be out on the street scratching for change (unlike me).

A more subtle ends is having a good time. I've been watching Bill Cosby comedy as of late, and he has this one segment about "having a good time." It's about drinking and doing drugs. Point is people will do plenty of bullshit just "to have a good time." And it's still all bullshit.



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