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Do you want it ?

Me ? Well, sometimes.

Control is a means of establishing order. Order as the one in control sees it. So, most control is not wanted and resisted against. Of course, not everyone wants to control and establish their own order, but everyone has their own response to it if its pressed upon them (e.g. L.A. riots started because of tensions between police and minority folks). Some people actually like being controlled, but that happens after they've gotten used to that control or want this control to happen because it puts them at comfort (e.g. people against gay marriage). Control of a society is something I will probably never ever get to do.

As for myself, what can I control ?

Hmmm. . .

Ahhhh, the only thing I can control (meaning 'take responsibility for', 'own', 'to use and abuse') at any given time is my breath. I learned that at the Zen Buddhist meditation. It's all about breathing and focusing on it.

And for some reason people turn out happier and freer when focusing on their breathing. They seem more in control.

Physiologically, I think (here comes one of my nutso scientific theories) what happens is that these people get high on oxygen by slowing down their breathing speed and focusing on it. This decreased breathing speed then acts as a natural depressant. So you become calmer and your mind races. It's sorta like getting high off weed. Good feeling as the endorphins overproduce !

(Note: Ya give that control up when you smoke cigs. Ya strengthen that control when you run.)

And as I mentioned, when you smoke cigs, you lose control over your breathing. Depressant it is, but it's a foreign chemical to the body which we as humans have not built and adaptation for yet. So eventually, when you start smoking too much, your cells will overproduce and you get cancer. You lose control. Good job !

When you run, you try and strengthen this control over your breathing. You get a natural high after running for a while because your breath becomes adapted to the pace. You breathe at a steady pace which seems slower in comparison to what you started with. Then you get high and feel good. And best of all you aren't subjected to control by a chemical except what for what is natural. . .the damn air around you.

So what I'm going to do is hold my breath until these out of control smokers get the hell out of my way or at least grab control myself and push them on the ground.



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