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From Quarter to Quarter, Here's What Happens

Now this post is more of a mental note than the previous one ! That last post was dominated more by my admittance and I called it "mental notes". I have an itch to edit it. What a bad post, damn. Whatever.

But anyway,

After I pass my classes or whatever with good grades, I always forget the struggles I went through during paper-writing and studying: the neglecting of parties, doing other activities like downloading music and organizing it, watching Jay and Conan for a "break" which would turn into a "little" rest of 3 hours till 3 a.m. and then a full-on sleep to like 7 a.m., the writer's block when I did get started, the mindless staring and wasting of at the time on the computer screen, not catching up with the reading, the overall lagginess I have had.

Yes, all that gets lost the moment I see that "A" or "B." I then tend to see only the good I did during that quarter and romanticize everything about it. Then I go into the next quarter setting these ungodly expectations trying to do sooo much better than the preceding quarter, losing much steam after a week or 2. My notes become super-organized. I even take care to my penmanship ! Then after 3 weeks I realize that super-organized notes and clean penmanship are a lost cause 'cause I'm fuckin' behind in my classes and so note-taking just becomes something to do during the drag of class rather than this careful art that I had so carefully crafted. During the time that my notes start sucking, I then revert to those struggles, and I once I get the satisfactory grades, I forget these struggles all over again.



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