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It's Gonna be a Showdown

Rather than bulking up like the hulk, I'd rather learn to fight with so much might that I sulk, in general like FDR shaking off the parasite that was the depression. Trust me fighting is more useful than a mindless weightlifting session because its not about appearance you stupid chum westerner always trying to get the best of her saying your not a fighter but a lover. But ultimately its what you got inside ready to be released when you hold up your pride when you collide with your opposing side and you try to survive. Reproduce vamanoos but not with bitches who are loose and not about the fam, which is a muse and stress of its own, but I digress, back to you bitchass lover of ass and breast. Lover trick you only work according to definition, someone else's standards not your own intuition, climbing up the stairs and celebrating thinking something's come to fruition rather than fighting the endless hills which whack you till you feel it in your dentition. You're really a trick buster, no matter how much you try and smooth it, I got you figured trick, I can prove it. You learn about you when you go with into the undefined, either body or mind, and see how far you go, battling not anything in the form of a bro or ho, but rather a foe that surprisingly lives in your soul daggered in there like a pole. The undefinition you run into like a Wintu then prepares you to dismantle and handle anyone or anything be it the bulldog that is Joe Viray or a big fat bay that blocks your way from Santa Cruz to San Jose.



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