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Primate Ecology 106 and It Being "hard"

So where have I been (not that anyone really gives a shit) ?

My ass has been getting penetrated by the log grade-wise that is called Primate Ecology 106 with an apparently hard professor named Adrienne Zihlman, who looks like a grayer version of the Weakest Link woman ready to stare you down out of the room if you bring an ounce of stupidity or uselessness to the class (so that means no Cowell people who do things like run down the halls on Friday nights when I try and study or sluts who sit on the lawn at 3 PM working on their laptops with faces that wouldn't even look at me or respect me, waiting for their asses to be molested, crushed, banged, and mangled like a 17-year old Mandy Moore in a state prison singing "Hand in my Pocket" by some chumpass with clean-cut blonde hair and eyes that look like some took two hooks slid it underneath his eyelids and slid the hook to side to give his eyes this wild dumbass look). Key phrase: apparently hard, meaning she's not really that hard despite the fact that I laid an egg on my "quiz" that was 15% of my grade and am pretty sure that I didn't do well on the last "pop" quiz. It's pretty much know a lot of things she wants you to know rather than making any complex connections. In that way it's more quantitative than qualitative, but it's probably qualitative than most classes outside of math.

The reason she's considered "hard" IMHO is because the class is so damn vague and there's such a wide range for you as the student to cover on tests and papers, which all makes her "hard" as in hard to keep up with rather than hard to follow. Hard to keep up with is characterized by a lot of work. A lot seems like busy work like the coloring book, which effectively takes time away from actually delving on to the material. On top of that, readings piss all over the place like a drunk blind guy trying to cover a particular species. There's always work to do for that class. It takes TIME (which I probably don't have right now with the FSA performance) to organize this wide range of stuff.

If I had enough time, I'd be able to do it, but oh well, I'm re-learning how to learn. I like this one challenge of a class for now, but when it comes to grades, I can only hope there is a way to remedy it. I want to learn, but my grade might now show it.

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